Land Owner's Feelings:

I am truly overjoyed and delighted to know that Homes 71 Ltd. is going to publish a Brochure. How should I start I don't know. Sincerity, punctuality, integrity, dedication and diligence are the wise men's words, We learned during our childhood. But in the field of Estate sector, wisdom and values of those wise man's words are sometimes missing, very unfortunate. I also had a very bitter experience with my first employed developer, what I don't want to share now. I was undone and second time handed over the land to Major Abdus Salam Sarkar (Retd), the Managing Director of Homes 71 Ltd. Actually I never met Major Abdus Salam before, but my sweet home was built nicely within 18 months, 6 months ahead of schedule. During construction works, my lovely wife had never paid a single visit to see the progress of her dream house. Actually it is nothing but the mindset and those tricks, taught by the wise men's words. Unwavering determination, dedication, honesty and sincerity have paid Homes 71 Ltd off. I am sure that Homes 71 Ltd will never have to look back and will achieve the pinnacle of professionalism. I wish them every success. May Allah bless us all, Ameen.